A Reflection on Healthcare Huddle in 2022

This Healthcare Huddle newsletter is number 150. Only six newsletters were skipped in Huddle’s three years of life (side note, HH celebrated its third birthday last week!), and zero newsletters were skipped in 2022.

With each newsletter I sent in 2022, I made small changes to improve the quality of the content. At the beginning of 2022, my newsletter consisted of three articles touching on a trending healthcare topic related to business, physicians, and patients. You can read the first one I sent in 2022 here.

As the year went on, however, I realized that focusing on three topics at once wasn’t efficient or effective for delivering the highest quality content. So I tested out longer-form content that was more thoughtful. In May, I wrote my predictions on what mental health care will look like in 2032, discussing the inclusion of wearable technology, primary care, and the gut-brain-axis.

The future of mental health care article was a hit, so I decided to continue writing this type of long-form content at least once a month and write on two topics weekly instead of three. You may have noticed the addition of “Dash’s Dissection” (a play on my last name and medicine) in the newsletter, where I started including my critical analysis on the topic(s) I discussed. I realized Huddlers like you were replying back to my content or sharing my content on social media more frequently following the addition of Dash’s Dissection, hinting that the thoughtful analysis was a positive new feature to the content.

Eager to find ways to continue improving the quality of my content, I went to my younger brother Brett. Brett is knees-deep in the creator space and understands what high-quality content should look like. He’s also technically my boss at Workweek (Healthcare Huddle’s parent company) and makes me call him Mr. Dashevsky. Anyway, I chatted with him about the increased engagement pattern I saw following the addition of Dash’s Dissection and proposed I try writing on one topic per week, with more focus and analysis, instead of two topics.

“Do it. See what happens…” said Mr. Dashevsky.

So I tried it out with my deep dive on the insurance cliff. Focusing on a single topic and diving deep into it was more fun and valuable for me, sure. But, the overall positive response from you and fellow Huddlers reinforced my plan to continue doing it.

Since September, I’ve produced these weekly deep dives, focusing on a single topic in healthcare and providing analysis from the business and provider perspective. Going onward into 2023, expect the same type of high-quality content. I’ll continue to iterate and improve where possible, but that demands feedback from you and everyone else! Never hesitate to reply back to this email with your thoughts.

Lastly, a particular challenge I expect in 2023 will be balancing residency and content creation. So I just ask you to bear with me as I adjust my workflow to optimize my medical work and Healthcare Huddle work—it won’t be impossible, it’ll just take time to adjust.

Thank you for being an avid reader of Healthcare Huddle and joining me on the journey to inform, connect, and inspire the healthcare community.

What to Expect from Healthcare Huddle in 2023

Healthcare Huddle will be adding more products and events throughout the year.

First, I’ll be dishing out informative healthcare guides, including topics ranging from personal finance to how hospitals operate. Essentially, these are guides on the topics not taught in medical school. While these guides will be targeted for providers, they may be read by anyone.

Second, I plan on throwing together a virtual event series, revealing the business side of practicing medicine. I believe the physicians who understand medicine and the business of healthcare are the ones who are most equipped to lead transformational change in this broken system.

Third, I’ll be working on writing mini report series (three articles per series), diving into how certain technology, policy, and business strategies affect physicians and patients.

Lastly, Blake and I plan to co-brand (Healthcare Huddle x Hospitalogy) a live event towards the end of 2023. Details TBD.

Now, the above list is focused on Healthcare Huddle. A significant, personal life event happening in 2023 is my graduation from medical school in May and start of residency in July in internal medicine. I’ll find out where I’ll be matching for residency in March, and will of course keep you updated.

I have a lot of free time until residency begins, so if you ever want to chat and network, let me know and we can find a time to chat.

If you’re reading this for the first time and have no idea what Healthcare Huddle is, find out by signing up for my weekly Healthcare newsletter. Sign up for the Healthcare Huddle newsletter here.

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