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What People Are Saying

โ€œI'm genuinely enthusiastic about your insights through Huddle+ on the evolving healthcare landscape. Having followed your journey via the Huddle newsletter from your medical school days, I'm impressed by how you've managed to balance your demanding residency with sharing valuable knowledge.โ€

Dr. Robert DPhysician, One Medical

โ€œIt's the best newsletter if you want to understand the clinical brainโ€

Rik RDirector of Clinical Strategy, Awell Health

โ€œGenuinely, I am glad that I found Huddle+ because it's reassuring to know that other people in healthcare see the same inefficiencies that I have observed. You are doing a great thing here. By sparking conversations, you're paving the way for new ideas that have the potential to make positive impacts and even revolutionize the healthcare landscape someday. So thank you for what you do!โ€

Melvina LPharmacist

โ€œHuge fan of the Healthcare Huddle. Great insightful content and very relevant. Additionally, fantastic work taking very complex topics and dissecting them in ways all can understand.โ€

Daniel NHealthcare Consulting

โ€œAs usual, Jared, you nailed it!

Your dissections are a virtual library of neatly packaged insights.

Thank you!โ€

Rick SFounder, Consumer Health Education Programs