Healthcare's VIP Experience: Inside the Concierge Model

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Premium services command additional fees across various industries, a well-established and broadly accepted concept. Even Healthcare Huddle offers such a premium service!

However, paying extra for premium services in healthcare delivery tends to provoke discomfort and skepticism. This introduces immediate concerns about ethics, access, quality, and costs—starkly contrasting the acceptance seen in other sectors.

Enter the concierge model.

In this model, patients benefit from immediate access to physicians, longer appointments, and potentially better care, which can reduce expensive healthcare utilization. For physicians, a reduced patient panel means more time for meaningful interactions and less administrative work, reducing burnout and potentially increasing income. However, these models may exacerbate health disparities, favoring those who can afford premium services.

In my newest report on concierge medicine, I cover the below:

  • Concierge medicine 101

  • Retainer-based practice models

  • The concierge medicine market

  • Future directions in concierge medicine

  • Challenges faced in concierge medicine

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