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Introducing Huddle University: Healthcare Huddle's Educational Platform

I’m STOKED to launch the first (of many) Huddle University courses: The Art of Problem-solving in Healthcare. 

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working on developing several healthcare curricula for Huddle University (one of the features of Huddle+). The Art of Problem-solving in Healthcare is my first course to launch, and I think you’ll learn a bunch.

I made this course with the physician, resident, and medical student in mind, hoping to give them a unique problem-solving framework. After all, we physicians aren’t taught anything about the healthcare system during medical school (which is why I started Healthcare Huddle).

To access the full course, you’ll need to be a Huddle+ member (physicians, residents, med students, and other providers get a nice discount, over 20%, so just reply to this email for more info).

Read further for more info.

Main point: healthcare is complex and requires a unique approach to problem-solving.

In this course, I share the 7-step framework I use to solve problems in healthcare. I’ve developed and refined this framework over the past several years as I’ve worked on projects of all sizes. It works for me, and I know it’ll work for you.

Here’s the structure:

  • Total number of classes: 9

  • Average length of each class: 5 mins (honestly, watch it on 1.5x). The classes are so succinct you can watch it while you drink your morning coffee.

  • Each class has its own syllabus, which you can find on the main page.

  • There’s a feedback poll at the bottom of each syllabus page. Please let me know your feedback so I can improve future courses!

How to access the course online?

You can access it directly from the email without having to log in. Just click here.

1. Become a Huddle+ member 👇️ 

Email me, [email protected], for physician (20%), resident (35%), student (50%), and provider discounts (20%).

2. Click the login button at the top right of the home page

3. Type in your email. A login link will be sent shortly.

4. Hover over the “Education” tab and click the course.

I look forward to your feedback! I’m going to start prepping for my next Huddle University course. Let me know which topic you prefer, or you can suggest one below!

Which HuddleU course do you want to see next?

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As always, I appreciate your readership!

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